DTDC Tracking

DTDC Tracking

DTDC Couriers & Cargo Ltd, an express distribution company started in 1990 in India has been a stalwart in its area of expertise and within 21 years of its establishment, their operations have widened to that of a global player. Comprising of a delivery network close to 10,000 pin codes, the reach is undeniably at “your doorsteps” assisted with a chain of 240 global destinations having its own infrastructural and official presence in US, UK, DUBAI, SINGAPORE, CANADA, BANGLADESH, HONGKONG, SRI LANKA, NEPAL, TURKEY and presence worldwide.

The company’s headquarters are in Bangalore which is supported through Branch Offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata having around 300 offices of the parent organization and 5400 business extensions viz. business partners delivering over 100 million shipments on an annual basis. With IT segment being the avant-garde, the specialty lies in providing customized solutions to corporate clients.

Thus The Strategic Objectives of DTDC Stand Out As Follows:

  • Keep on enhancing the line haul connections to achieve shortest transit times possible.
  • Minimizing time by adopting “Right-First-Time approach in every part of Business”
  • Unbiased and unprejudiced selection of business partners (Franchisees) and skill development of employees to reach the service excellence and company’s values.
  • Our customers can track their consignment status apart from the information, right after the generation of consignment number

Dtdc Tracking System:

With an intent to be transparent and in touch with the clients DTDC has one of the best tracking systems,  an interactive website through which  clients and customers can login their credentials & details and can track details of their consignment using DTDC tracking system.  The position and estimated arrival of the consignment is known to the customer using DTDC tracking report, making it more trustworthy.

Every user is provided with a unique shipment or consignment number on the receipt, with the options of either being national or international which takes you to the actual tracking page. DTDC tracking report is generated  it as easy to login the same number as getting the results. Once the consignment number is mentioned the user can easily track their required information along with the status of their goods.

To check the delivery status of your goods you to enter a 9 digit consignment number into the Consignment Number Text Field. Your consignment number can be tracked through a reference number also, if you know the reference number you can select the option for the same in the Text Field.

Select Number: AWB/Shipment Number Reference Number  
Enter Number:

Summary Results

Please contact Customer Services for AWB / Ref. No...
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